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 Teh Rules

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PostSubject: Teh Rules   Teh Rules EmptyThu Jan 24, 2008 11:45 pm

OK well first of all welcome to my forums. Now lets just get down to it. These rules are for your safety and enjoyment of the forum as well as that of the others around you. Please read them carefully and follow them.

1. No Flaming - This means I don't want to see members fighting over things. Keep this an enjoyable forum.

2. No Adult Content - Remember this is not a site for adults only. So no posting media with adult content. You will be banned for disobeying this.

3. No SPAMing - Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages (SPAM) are not welcome here. I see these kinds of things everywhere and there just annoying.

4. No Excessive Swearing - I needed to point this out. Our forum has censors for swears but that does not mean your allowed to say them. The censors tell the user to report the post to an admin or a mod.

5. No Hacking Discussion - We dont want posts asking about hacking. If you need to ask someone for something please use the Personal Message(PM) System. Don't even make topics saying that you were hacked. There is no way to hack an account.

6. Leave outside arguments outside - If you know a member on here that you had a fight with before. Dont start it again here. Leave the argument outside of these forums and if someone is PMing rude messages contact me and I'll take care of it.

7. Use Common Sense - Please if you make a post put it in the right forum. If you make a mistake it's fine but if you do it on a regular basis then we will start warning you and eventually a ban.

8. No advertisements - Don't make topics advertising your site. You can get banned for doing this. If you want to advertise your site have it in your signature but dont tell people to look in your signature. Just leave it there and thats it.

9. Please use grammar - People you weren't in school to talk like this "OMG that StUfF ROXXORS OMG OLOLOL". Please use the best of your grammar skills.

10. No double posting - Do not continue many posts after your first. You can edit your previous post to add more stuff on. I dont want to see twenty posts in a row. This will be counted as SPAM. Those posts will be deleted and your post count will lower. Do not double post to get a higher post count. Double Posting is allowed if it is updating a topic such as a shop or announcement.

Breaking any of these rules may result in posts being removed/edited and infractions given out and eventually bans. Users caught breaking rules will be given infractions, temporary bans, or permanent bans. This will depend on how harsh the offense was.

Additional Notes:
- If you get banned you will be unbanned in a certain timespan unless you were perma-banned. If someone has been using your account on the forums please contact an Admin but dont try to fool by saying that someone used your account and banned it so we can allow you to use the forums again. We can find out if someone used your account. If it turns out to be that your lieing you will be IP banned which means you won't even be able to LOOK at the forums.
- HTML is a privilege, not a right. Anyone abusing HTML will lose the ability to use it.
- Multiple accounts will be disabled. Don't register more than one account. Personal Message an admin for name changes
- You are responsible for your account. You will be held liable for anything posted under your account, whether or not you are the one using it at the time. Keep your account secure.
- Do not hide status. There is not a single need for a user to hide from everyone else.
- Do not ask to be a mod. You will get 5 infractions for doing this.

These are the rules. Please follow them as if your account depends on it. Because.. well... it does. Lol.


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Teh Rules
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